Dr. Beasley’s – Wheel Brush


As all drivers know, brake dust can accumulate dangerously fast and leave your wheels dull and dirty. When cleaning your rims, Dr. Beasley’s Wheel Brush provides you with sturdy and safe bristles that effectively remove large portions of built-up brake dust from you car’s wheels.

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When you begin to wash the wheels of your car, it is important to remove large debris such as brake dust and grease from your rims. More importantly, when left on the wheel’s surface, break dust can etch and scratch the finish of your wheel. It’s important to stay on top of your car’s wheels during washes and to never compromise quality. With its extra long, flag-tipped bristles, Dr. Beasley’s Wheel Brush instills confidence in providing a perfect clean every time to keep your wheels shining like new in combination with our Wheel & Tire specific products.

  1. Use Premium Wheel Cleanser of Matte Wheel Cleanser to break down and loosen contaminants.
  2. Use Wheel Brush to shake contaminants loose.
  3. Rinse. Protect wheel after with Wheel Seal or Matte Wheel Seal to make cleaning easier in future.