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A deep penetrating, revitalizing cleaner for tires, Dr. Beasley’s Tire Conditioner reintroduces nutrients and moisture to your tires’ surfaces to restore color and rehydrate. Formulated with UV inhibitors, it protects your tires from future sun damage as well. With a shine you can adjust to your liking, Tire Conditioner is the ultimate way to keep your tires fresh. Get a tube today and treat your rubber to the best.

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Why Tire Conditioner?

Dr. Beasley’s Tire Conditioner is a powerful, restorative and protecting tire conditioner. But how does that work?


Restore Color, Nutrients and Moisture

Over time, tires take quite a beating from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Their color fades and their surfaces start to crack, all because UV radiation is breaking down the chemical bonds that make up your tires’ color and structure. Not only does this look bad, it’s also bad for the health of your tires in general. To make matters worse, your average tire cleaner won’t help this much, since they don’t penetrate the surface, merely acting as a shiny dressing. To get inside the surface and really nourish your tires, you’ll need Dr. Beasley’s Tire Conditioner. It works itself in to your tires’ surface, rehydrating, reintroducing nutrients, and repairing color until they look and feel as good as new.


Inhibits UV rays

Repairing the damage from UV rays is one thing. Protecting against them is another. Thankfully, Tire Conditioner does both. It’s formulated with UV inhibitors that reduce the ability of UV rays to break down the chemical bonds that give your tire its color and pliant structure. That means your tires will stay black and supple for far longer, ensuring they’ll be looking good and working well.


Control Your Level of Shine

Many tire cleaners and dressings have one level of shine only – wet and glossy. If you’ve got one of these and you’re looking for a more understated look, you’re out of luck. If you want to keep your options open for your tires’ finish, Dr. Beasley’s Tire Conditioner is the way to go. You can control the gloss level simply by wiping your tires down after application. Wipe heavy for a matte finish, skip the wipe all together for glossy. It’s up to you!


No Sling, No Waste

When you’re laying down your hard earned cash for an advanced tire conditioner, the last thing you’ll want to see is it slinging off of your tires as you drive. Talk about a waste! Dr. Beasley’s Tire Conditioner uses a viscous, gel-like material with a low-sling formula, so when you put on some to your tire, you’ll know it’ll stay on your tire.

How Does It Work?

When applied to a clean, dry tire, Tire Conditioner penetrates the surface of your tire, restoring color, nutrients and moisture while adding UV inhibiting properties. After application, wiping down allows you to control the level of gloss.



Application Instructions

1. Ensure tire is dry and clean before application.
2. To apply, spread evenly across tire, leaving behind a clear, glossy finish.
3. For less shine, continue wiping until desired level of gloss remains. 

Additional Tips

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface. 

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