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OPTI-SURFACE CLEANSER removes inorganic stains like ink or grease from interior plastic & vinyl. Powerful formula actively breaks down inorganic material, lifting out stains so they can be easily removed.

 CLEANS INTERIOR VINYL & PLASTICSpecially formulated to cleanse interior plastic & vinyl and restore appearance

 REMOVES INORGANIC STAINSUse Opti-Surface Cleanser to eliminate stubborn ink or grease stains on plastic & vinyl

 RESTORES ORIGINAL APPEARANCERemoves stains with no residue or oil left behind to restore natural look

 GREAT TO HAVE ON HAND FOR ACCIDENTSAlways keep in your glovebox to clean up messes ASAP

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 Specially Formulated to Clean Vinyl & Plastic

Engineered specifically for interior vinyl & plastic, Opti-Surface Cleanser cleans these surfaces with maximum effectiveness.


 Cuts Through Tough Inorganic Stains

Impossible-to-remove ink stains and other inorganic contaminants are cleared away with ease by Opti-Surface Cleanser’s powerful formula.


 Removes Without Altering Appearance

After removing a stain, Opti-Surface Cleanser leaves no discoloration or marks behind—just an even, beautiful finish.


 Leaves A Non-Oily Matte Finish

Unlike most interior wipes, Opti-Surface Cleanser restores plastic & vinyl to a natural matte appearance instead of leaving behind a smeary, oily mess.


 A Lifesaver For Spills & Accidents

Keep a bottle of Opti-Surface Cleanser in your glovebox and always be prepared for life’s little accidents.


 Great For The House & Office, Too

Use Opti-Surface Cleanser around the house to clean up vinyl countertops, or even use it at the office on plastic desk tops.


How Does It Work?

Opti-Surface Cleanser lifts out and breaks down inorganic contamination so it can be easily removed from interior vinyl and plastic surfaces. Its proprietary formulation restores the original appearance and will not leave marks, residue or oil.


Application Instructions

1. Shake well.
2. Spray directly onto surface.
3. Let sit for several seconds, then scrub the area.
4. Wipe clean.

Dr. Beasley’s Suggests

For heavily soiled areas, a second application may be needed.
Do not use on painted or hot surfaces.
Do not let dry before scrubbing.
For maximum results, follow with Dr. Beasley’s appropriate prep and protect products.
Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface. 

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