Dr. Beasley’s – NSP Z1 – Polish with ceramic coating

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“Removes 99.99% of defects.” – Mike Phillips

NSP Z1 is a one-step correcting primer and 1+ year nanocoating. Designed to merge priming paintwork correction and ceramic coating into a single step, it contains a unique nanostructure resin formulated with TiO2, SiO2 and composite engineered abrasives to achieve results that otherwise require more time and effort.

 CUT & COAT IN 1/2 THE TIME – Combined correction & ceramic coating cuts work time in half with no compromises

 LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY – Uses only 1 oz per vehicle with superlative results

 PREVENTS COATING FAILURE – Simultaneous correction & protection ensures perfect coating bond that’s built to last

 BEATS MULTI-STEP RESULTS – Engineered abrasive blend removes more defects than some multi-stage corrections

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NSP Z1 removes swirls and scratches to reveal a stunning finish while applying a durable, 1+ year ceramic nanocoating.

Composite microsphere abrasive sizes cut, buff and finish all in the same step

Stunning shine is made even more brilliant with ceramic coating applied during correction

Concentrated formula removes defects in fewer passes and with less product

Applies 1+ year ceramic nanocoating as defects are eliminated from the finish


One-Step Nano Surface Primer | NSP Z1


  1. For best results, conduct a thorough decontamination prior to application. Wash with Premium Body Wash, chemically decontaminate with Total Decon and mechanically decontaminate with a clay bar and Clay Spray.
  2. Starting with a panel or small area, conduct 5-8 section passes using a foam pad and machine buffer at a medium speed with minimal pressure.
  3. Wipe away with a clean microfiber towel and visually inspect paint with a powerful light to observe results.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 on each panel or small area until all paintwork has been buffed to desired results.

AFTER-CARE: To ensure durability, wash every 2 weeks with Ceramic Body Wash and rejuvenate every 3 months with AdvanceCoat: Gloss. With proper after-care, NSP Z1 protection can last a year or more on even a daily driver.

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