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NEUTRA-SCENT neutralizes odor molecules to eliminate foul smells at the source. Instead of masking odor, Neutra-Scent removes it entirely, restoring the natural scent of the immediate environment. Essential for both home and car use.

 STOPS ODOR AT SOURCENeutra-Scent neutralizes odor molecules to completely erase bad smells

 NEUTRALIZES & LEAVES NO SMELLOdorless to remove smell and leave no scent behind

 REMOVES SMELLS PERMANENTLYTotally neutralizes odor molecules so smells won’t come back

 ENDLESS USES FOR HOUSE & CARUse Neutra-Scent to eliminate smells from cigarettes, garbage, pets & more

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Encapsulates, Neutralizes & Removes Foul Odors

Neutra-Scent’s odor-targeting formulation encapsulates odor molecules and totally neutralizes them, removing all trace of bad smells.


Removes Smells Instead of Masking Them

Completely odorless, Neutra-Scent leaves behind no smell after odor removal to restore a natural environment.


Permanently Removes Malodors

Neutralizes odor molecules at the source, encapsulating them entirely to prevent foul smells from returning


Keeps Air Fresh Without Smelly Air Fresheners

Find air fresheners overpowering? Neutra-Scent is the perfect alternative since it leaves no scent behind after it freshens the air.


Target and Remove Stubborn, Lingering Smells

Some odors keep lurking long after you’ve cleaned. Use Neutra-Scent to target the source and remove the smell once and for all.


Essential For Home, Car & Office

Wherever bad odors can arise, Neutra-Scent is a must-have. Keep it on hand in your car, in the home, even the office!


How Does It Work?

When applied to an odor source, Neutra-Scent captures, encapsulates and neutralizes odor molecules to permanently eliminate foul smells.


Application Instructions

1. Shake well.
2. Spray Neutra-Scent directly onto the affected area. Neutra-Scent must make direct contact with odor molecules in order to be effective.
3. Let dry. 

Dr. Beasley’s Suggests

Only use Dr. Beasley’s Neutra-Scent on clean surfaces.
Multiple applications may be necessary.
Use before applying any protective coating.

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

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