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INK REMOVER KIT lifts out and eliminates ballpoint pen ink from top coated leather. Simply dip one of the included application swabs in the Ink Remover solution, apply to the stain and watch as it lifts out ink. Includes Finishing Cream to restore the affected area after removal.

 ELIMINATES INK STAINSUsing the included swabs, Ink Remover pulls out ink stains for easy removal

 WORKS FASTFast acting solution eliminates stains in as little as 30 seconds from start to finish

 RESTORES LEATHER FINISHUse the included finishing cream to restore appearance after ink removal

 COMPLETE KITComes with everything you need to get rid of ink stains

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Get Ink Off Leather

Ink Remover soaks up ballpoint ink stains on top coated leather, pulling out the ink so it wipes away with ease. Use Finishing Cream after to restore the finish!


Goes To Work In Seconds

As soon as Ink Remover touches the stain, it instantly starts lifting out ink. You can remove the ink and re-finish the leather in as little as 30 seconds.


Revitalizes Affected Area

After removal, apply the included Finishing Cream to restore the cleaned area to an even finish. It might be hard to tell the stain was ever there!


Everything You Need In One Box

Ink Remover Kit comes with everything you need to remove the stain and restore the finish—application swabs, Finishing Cream, microfiber towel and of course the Ink Remover.


Works On All Top Coated Leather

Ink Remover Kit isn’t just for automotive leather. As long as it’s top coated, Ink Remover will do the job. Use it on top coated couches, purses—even shoes!


Perfect For Emergencies

Keep an Ink Remover Kit in your glove compartment—you never know when you may need it! And since you’ll only need a small amount at a time, you’ll get multiple uses out of just one kit.

How Does It Work?

Ink Remover works by lifting out pen ink and transferring it to application swab. Once pulled out of the leather, the ink can be wiped away easily with a microfiber towel. After removal, the included Finishing Cream works by reintroducing moisture and nutrients to the surface. This restores the finish to an even appearance.


What The Kit Includes

(1) 15ml Ink Remover
(1) 4 ml Finishing Cream
(10) Application Swabs
(1) Microfiber Towel


Application Instructions

1. Dip the application swab in the Ink Remover solution.
2. Using the saturated swab, apply lightly along the ballpoint ink stain. Do not over saturate surface.
3. Once the ink has been lifted, wipe away with included microfiber towel.
4. With a new swab, repeat steps 1-3 until the stain is completely removed. Do not reuse swabs.
5. After ink is removed, dab a clean area of the microfiber towel in the Finishing Cream jar and apply to affected area.
6. Using a different clean area on the microfiber towel, buff until an even finish is achieved.

Dr. Beasley’s Suggests:

Works best with ballpoint ink stains.
Do not use on aniline, semi-aniline, full grain or “naked” leather.
For best results, apply immediately after observing an ink stain.
Stains left on leather for an extended duration may be more difficult to remove.
Always test for surface compatibility first by applying a small amount to an inconspicuous area.

Ink Remover Kit Cleaning Product Right to Know
Ink Remover SDS
Finishing Cream SDS

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