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Dr. Beasley’s Glass Serum Pro Kit geeft u het gereedschap dat u nodig heeft om een permanente hydrofobe bescherming te bereiken voor elk glasoppervlak aan de buitenkant. Houd regen en verontreinigingen jarenlang op afstand – begin vandaag nog met het beschermen van uw glas!

Voor de toepassing van Glass Serum Pro is een machinebuffer nodig.

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Voor professionele detaillisten & ervaren enthousiastelingen

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Why Glass Serum Pro Kit?

The Glass Serum Pro Kit hands you the tools needed to apply a permanent hydrophobic coating for exterior glass. But what makes this coating so great?


Fast Cure Time

Sometimes you need your glass protected, fast. If you’ve got a busy schedule, you can’t always wait the usual 24 hours for your coating to cure. To speed things up, we formulated Glass Serum Pro with a chemical solvent that allows it to cure in just one hour. After that, just machine buff and you’re good to go!


Long-lasting Protection

Some glass coatings are so short-living, they’ll wear off as soon as you use your wipers. Others last a few months, maybe a year. The Glass Serum Pro Kit, on the other hand, can last five years or more. Through rain, sleet, hail and snow, you can be sure Glass Serum Pro will weather them all. It’s so durable, you’d have to machine buff it just to get it off!


Unbelievable Hydrophobicity

It’s amazing how much water sticks around on your glass when rain strikes. Wipers take care of some of it, sure, but even then visibility still suffers. With the superhydrophobicity of a Glass Serum Pro coating, however, you can be certain water, mud, sleet and snow will fly right off as you drive so you can see the road with perfect clarity. But visibility isn’t the only thing superhydrophobicity gets you – it makes cleaning a breeze, too. Just rinse your glass and the contaminants will slide right off.


How Does It Work?

At the microscopic level, glass surfaces are actually jagged and uneven, with tiny nooks and crannies that capture the water and dirt responsible for staining and etching. When applied to glass that’s properly prepped, Glass Serum Pro fills in these microscopic hills and valleys, leaving contaminants with nowhere to hide. After the coating’s cured and you’ve machine buffed the surface, the glass will take on UV-inhibiting properties, as well as a lowered surface energy that allows for hydrophobicity. Once set, Glass Serum Pro is fully permanent and requires a machine buffer to remove.


What The Kit Includes

(1) 1 oz Glass Serum Pro

(1) 2 oz Glass Coating Prep

(1) Foam Block Applicator

(2) Suede Cloths


Technical Info

  • Durability: Permanent
  • Useage: 1 kit/1 car


This is a professional-style ceramic coating that requires careful application. If you are unfamiliar with our coating systems, please contact us before purchase.



Application Instructions

1. Tape around the perimeter of the glass. Raise the windshield wipers and clean the glass surface with an ammonia-free glass cleaner.
2. Spray Glass Coating Prep onto the glass and wipe it off with a glass towel.
3. Holding the bottle 6 inches from the glass, spray Glass Serum Pro 8-10 times on the glass in an even pattern.
4. Prime the foam block applicator with 1-2 sprays of GSP and then move the applicator in vertical lines down the glass.
5. Spray the glass and applicator again as needed, then move the applicator in horizontal lines across the glass.
6. Let the product dry to a faint haze for 30 minutes – 1 hour. Allow more time in humid conditions.
7. Use a new foam finishing pad and a machine buffer on a low to medium setting to remove the excess haze.


Dr. Beasley’s Suggests:

For best results, decontaminate glass with Clay Kit before application.

Do not use windshield wipers for at least 2 hours after application. Do not wash vehicle for 1 week after application.

After use, remove the sprayer and thoroughly flush with water. Replace with the original cap in order to prevent the product from drying out while in storage.

Glass Serum Pro Cleaning Product Right to Know


SKU: gk-200

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