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Dr. Beasley’s Glass Serum Kit is an easy-to-use, semi-permanent ceramic coating system for automotive glass. It contains everything you need to totally transform your glass into a water-repelling, easy-cleaning, super-clear surface. Get the kit today and start your 3 years of perfect clarity!

3 years of durability
Easy application

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Why The Glass Serum Kit?

You know the Glass Serum Kit is an easy-to-use, liquid-repelling ceramic coating for glass. But what makes that so beneficial?


No Staining = No Etching

Anytime it rains there’s a good chance it’ll leave you with small water spots caused by minerals. These spots aren’t just difficult to get off – in many cases, they can etch your glass. And if you’re in an industrial area prone to acid rain, that etching will happen even faster. To protect against these stains, Glass Serum coats your windshield and other glass with an invisible, superhydrophic barrier so water will rest on top, making any hard water spots easy to remove with a simple rinse. But it’s not just water that won’t be able to stain – same goes for mud and other liquid contaminants. Any thing that could potentially cake on will wash away with ease with nothing more than a stream of water.


Sheets Liquids For Perfect Visibility

There’s nothing more dangerous than driving in a downpour, especially when your wipers just can’t keep up with the deluge of rain. That’s where the other benefit of Glass Serum’s hydrophobicity comes in – it makes rain fly off your windshield as you drive, ensuring total visibility in even torrential rainfall. At fast enough speeds, you won’t even need your wipers. And this doesn’t just go for rain. Snow, mud and sleet will all slide off too.


Glass That Just “Pops”

Sometimes it seems no matter how much you clean your glass, it doesn’t quite have the clarity you want. Sure, it’s clean, but it doesn’t quite “pop”, so to speak. Glass Serum Kit gives your glass a remarkable, crystal clear clarity that conventional cleaners can’t achieve. Glass Serum is full of UV inhibitors, too, so your clarity will never fade or yellow.


How Does It Work?

The surface of glass is actually jagged and uneven at the microscopic level, with tiny hills and valleys that capture water and dirt. This is what often leads to etching and staining. To prevent this, Glass Serum bonds with your glass, filling in the nooks and crannies to leave contaminants with nowhere to go but off. After Glass Serum cures, your glass’ surface energy will be lowered so it can repel liquids, while UV-inhibitors will keep your glass crystal clear for years to come.


What The Kit Includes

(1) 1 oz Glass Serum

(1) 2 oz Glass Coating Prep

(1) Foam Block Applicator

(2) Suede Cloths


Technical Info

  • Thickness: 2 μm
  • Water Contact Angle: 110 degrees
  • Durability: Semi-permanent
  • Consumption: 1 oz / 2 avg size cars

Application Instructions

1. Clean glass with an ammonia-free cleaner, like Dr. Beasley’s Glass Cleanser.
2. Use Glass Coating Prep to remove any stubborn contaminants remaining.
3. Wrap the suede cloth around the foam applicator and place several drops of Glass Serum down the cloth.
4. Slowly and precisely move the suede-wrapped foam block applicator in overlapping vertical lines down the glass.
5. Repeat with horizontal lines, creating a crosshatch pattern to get maximum coverage.
6. Allow Glass Serum to dwell on the glass for ~10 minutes.
7. Wipe the glass with a clean, dry, glass towel.


Dr. Beasley’s Suggests:

Allow Glass Serum to cure for 1 hour before driving.
Do not wash car for 7 days after applying Glass Serum.
Use only on exterior glass surfaces.

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