Dr. Beasley’s – Ceramic coating for shiny paint


FORMULA 1201 is an easy-to-use ceramic nanocoating for glossy paint. Applied wet to activate the coating bond, Formula 1201 gives paint durable protection against contaminants and micro-marring. Engineered for hydrophobicity, it repels water to help prevent water spotting and promote self-cleaning.

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Protection Year-Round

More durable than any wax or sealant, Formula 1201 offers year-round protection even on daily drivers. And with occasional boosts from AdvanceCoat: Gloss, it can last even longer.


Sheds Water With Ease

Formula 1201 doesn’t just bead up—it actively pushes water off of vehicles, reducing the chance of water spots and making drying that much easier.


Helps Vehicle Self-Clean

Daily grime is gone in a flash with Formula 1201’s self-cleaning properties. Even more stubborn, corrosive gunk like bird droppings or road tar won’t stick as easily.


Applies Fast, Bonds Instantly

Formula 1201’s unique wet application allows for faster treatment and instant bonding with the clear coat. No waiting for a haze—just wipe and keep moving.


Goes Over Badging and Trim

With 1201, there’s no need to tape off badging or other features. Just glide right over them with the applicator!


Enough To Coat Multiple Vehicles

At 1 oz per mid-sized sedan, Formula 1201 can stretch multiple cars worth of paintwork. You could even stack Formula 1201 for added protection!

How Does It Work?

Formula 1201 instantly bonds with wet automotive paint surfaces to form a 3D nanostructure with protective and water repellant properties.


Application Instructions

1. Wash vehicle.
2. Mist water on a panel.
3. Lightly shake the Formula 1201 bottle.
4. Place 10 to 15 drops onto applicator. (For subsequent panels, apply 5-6 drops)
5. Apply to wet panel in circular or straight back-and-forth motions.
6. Immediately wipe panel down with a fresh microfiber towel.
7. Flip towel over to a dry section and hand buff until surface is glossy.
8. Repeat steps 2-7 until entire vehicle is covered, applying 5-6 more drops with each panel.


Dr. Beasley’s Suggests

Use distilled water for optimal durability.
To speed up application, apply coating after final wash rinse, skipping the drying step.
Do not wash vehicle for 7 days after applying.
Product may require 2 weeks of cure time before reaching optimal effectiveness.
Do not apply in direct sunlight.
Do not let freeze.
Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check for surface compatibility.