Dr. Beasley’s – Exterior pH Neutralizer


Exterior pH Neutralizer (12 fl. oz.) preps your vehicle’s paint, metal, and plastic exterior surfaces for proper application of sealants and waxes. This important step of the detailing process provides you and your car with longer lasting protection of vital exterior surfaces.

• Allows for proper adherence of Protect products
• Safe to use on all exterior surfaces including paint, chrome, and plastic
• Balances pH by removing residuals left on surface by cleaning products

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pH Neutralizer is formulated to prepare the surfaces of your vehicle for optimal protection. Cleaning products leave behind residue that creates unbalanced pH levels, which remain on the surface when it’s conditioned or protected.
Sealing in these residual deposits shortens the lifespan of a protective coating, causing damage from the inside out. pH Neutralizer removes these residues, creating balanced pH levels and leaving the surface primed and ready to be protected.

1. Before application, clean the surface.
2. Shake well and spray lightly onto the desired area.
3. Let sit for a minute before wiping with a clean cloth.
For maximum results, follow pH Neutralizer with Dr. Beasley’s appropriate protect product.

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

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