Dr. Beasley’s – Tire & Rim Cleaner set


The complete set to care for the wheels.

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With dr. Beasley’s Complete Wheel & Tire Detailing Prescription not only cleans your wheels and tires, but also protects them from further damage from any dirt or brake dust you encounter while travelling. Keeping your rims and tires clean and shiny will extend their life and durability, and make them look great too!

The set includes a Premium Wheel Cleanser, Intensive Brake Dust Remover, Wheel Seal and a Tire Conditioner.


1. The beginning of a thorough cleaning of wheels and tires starts with rinsing, applying Dr. Beasley’s Wheel Cleanser and scrub each wheel and tire with the wheel brush.
2. During this process, if you notice that some areas of your wheels retain brake dust, even after scrubbing, spray Dr. Beasley’s Intensive Brake Dust Remover and scrub the wheel brush or use the wheel sponge to remove the last bits of dirt.
3. Once your car’s wheels and tires are free of foam, rinse and dry the wheels with a microfiber cloth.
4. Then bring Dr. Apply Beasley’s Wheel Seal by evenly spraying the entire wheel. Use the microfiber cloth to spread Wheel Seal to ensure every part of the wheel is covered.
5. Your wheels now have a nice shine and will be protected in the future from brake dust that accumulates so quickly.
6. Once that step is done, bring Dr. Apply Beasley’s Tire Conditioner evenly to all tires with an applicator. Wipe off the excess with a clean towel.

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