Dr. Beasley’s – Carnauba Mist


Dr. Beasley’s Carnauba Mist is a sprayable liquid wax made of 100% emulsified carnauba. Love wax but hate applying it? Carnauba Mist’s for you.

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Why Carnauba Mist?

You know Carnauba Mist is a carnauba wax in spray form. But why is that important?


Faster Application

Traditional carnauba waxes awhile to apply. Wax on with an applicator, wait a few minutes for it to haze, wipe off, hand buff to a glossy finish, repeat until all panels are waxed. Dr. Beasley’s Carnauba Mist cuts this time in half by skipping the applicator and hazing all together – just spray, spread and hand buff to glossy perfection. You’ll have remarkable paint protection in less time.


Glowing Gloss

Carnauba aficionados laud wax for the uniquely warm gloss it imparts on paintwork, and rightfully so – there’s a reason it’s still the most iconic detailing product out there. Dr. Beasley’s Carnauba Mist builds on wax’s storied shine, giving you that same legendary luster, taken to a whole new level. Your paint will gleam in ways you never knew possible.


Great For Stacking

Not every wax layers well – some just won’t play nice with coatings or sealants applied beforehand. That’s why Dr. Beasley’s Carnauba Mist was formulated for layering compatibility, so whether you’re topping off a paint sealant or ceramic coating, you can be sure your top coat will take.


How Does It Work?

Once spread and buffed on a clean paint surface, Carnauba Mist solidifies into a protective layer that helps prevent contaminants from taking hold while imparting a striking gloss.

1. Spray on the surface
2. Spread with a clean microfiber towel
3. Buff to reveal a luxurious shine
Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.