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AdvanceCoat: Gloss is the ultimate maintenance product for ceramic coatings. While coatings can last up to five years on the high end, they require regular upkeep to maintain their appearance. Apply every 3-4 months for a rejuvenated shine and restored hydrophobicity.

Extends life of your coating
Restores hydrophobicity
Strengthens gloss

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Why AdvanceCoat: Gloss?

AdvanceCoat: Gloss is a powerful maintenance booster spray for nano ceramic car coatings. But what does that mean for you?


Extend Your Coating’s Life

Ceramic coatings, like Nano-Resin or Nano-Resin Pro, are designed to last for years and years. Yet on their own, they’ve been known to lose some of their hydrophobicity and gloss within only a few months. You’ll still have protection from marring, sure, but liquids will stop beading and you’ll be missing that “wow” finish. AdvanceCoat: Gloss reintroduces hydrophobicity and returns your shine so your coating will last for years to come.


Reintroduce Hydrophobicity

As mentioned earlier, you may notice after a few months your coating doesn’t bead liquids quite as well it used to. This is because contaminants on your coating’s surface have altered its surface energy, making hydrophobicity impossible. It’s a bad situation to be in – you still have years of protection left but you’ve got no water beading to show for it. Thankfully there’s no need to reapply your coating – just add a layer of AdvanceCoat: Gloss to reintroduce hydrophobicity and keep those liquids beading.


Revitalize Gloss

As you drive, wash, and generally use your vehicle, your ceramic coating absorbs more and more micro-marring and wash marks, slowly dulling its once extraordinary gloss. How do you get that gloss back without reapplying? AdvanceCoat has the solution! Adding a layer fills in these imperfections, reinvigorating your gloss for a continued shine.


How Does It Work?

The AdvanceCoat: Gloss formula is packed with hydrophobicity and high-quality glossing agents. When sprayed onto a coated surface, the glossing agents fill in imperfections while the hydrophobic formula restores the low surface energy needed to bead water. Use every 3-6 months or as needed to keep the desired properties.


Works great with:

  • Nano-Resin Pro Kit
  • Nano-Resin Kit
  • PlasmaCoat
  • Formula 1201
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Carnauba Mist
  • Premium Paint Sealant
  • Metal Coat


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